The years of radiation exposure within the Commonwealth and Far Harbor have done remarkably little to the local wolves population. Post-War wolves are pack hunters just like their pre-War ancestors were. They are typically encountered in groups of 3 to 6 individuals which are led by the most powerful variant.

Fast, agile and highly perceptive, wolves will often notice the player before they notice them. While one or two pack members draw their prey's attention with a frontal charge, the others usually circle around for attacks from behind. Being surrounded by a whole pack can quickly be lethal for low-level players and still poses a threat even to stronger ones.

Due to their relatively low resistances and small health pool, wolves are fairly easy to kill, provided one manages to hit them. Top-tier variants on the other hand are quite resilient for something their size and can take considerable amounts of punishment before going down.

They are to not be mistaken for dogs, another creature in the Frost wasteland.