Themis Cultists are a hostile faction of ghoulified survivors encountered in the north-eastern reaches of the Commonwealth. Following the deranged biblical preaching of their leader, the insane Themis Cultists are leading a crusade to slay all heretics that do not submit to the word of God. Because of this, they are very hostile and attack all survivors on sight. Interesting fact that most of Themis Cultists are completely silent, except for several Themis Cultists in Preacher clothes.

Origins Edit

The Themis Cultists were once a peaceful collection of religious survivors who under the leadership of the priest Father Daniel provided food, shelter, and salvation for the displaced during the apocalypse. After several a group of wastelanders mercilessly gunned down and killed several of the pacifists, Father Daniel and his followers grew bitter and distrustful of all survivors. When the group had finally tracked down the perpetrators, they killed them brutally and strung up their corpses as a warning to others. Over time, the group's religious preaching of God's love devolved into a cult-like obsession with shunning, and even killing those who did not share their faith.

Due to their extended exposure to the immense radiation of the surface, many members of the Themis Cultists are ghoulified. They believe this feature distinguishes them from others as a divine gift from God, taking away the plights of lust and vanity while also granting them immunity to radiation.

Due to the Themis Cultist's crusade across the Commonwealth, they are frequently brought into conflict with the Maldenmen. Both groups fight blindly by the will of the gods they worship. The Themis Cultists have proven ferocious combatants against the Maldenmen, who refer to them as the Old World Ghosts. Both factions are still locked in a brutal and costly war, blindly obeying the will of the dark gods they worship.

Territory Edit

Seeing how the apocalypse made way for a new beginning for civilization, the Themis Cultists began to expand their influence across the Commonwealth in a holy crusade. They have begun creating an entire nation of their own, with Salem as their holy capitol and the river as their southern border.

Themis Cultists are mainly found occupying areas surrounding the town of Salem in high concentrations, and have also colonized many metro stations and tunnels within the sprawling underground labyrinth of Revere Beach Station.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Themis Cultists tend to lack in firepower, and rely heavily on makeshift melee weapons and sheer numbers to overwhelm opponents. Any location claimed by the cult is certain to host a large number of fighters. They are fond of using incendiary weapons such as molotov cocktails, possibly for the "purifying" symbolic effects of fire. Themis Cultists are known to utilize a few rare sets of raider power armor along with highly lethal flamers.