Tereus the Wise's Journal is a note found on a Maldenman in Medford Memorial Hospital.

Transcript Edit

"Malden was a wicked place. Scientists performed foul tests on unwilling patients and parents watched as their children transformed into cogs of the great machine. For these crimes Ug-Qualtoth sent us the angel. She is to purify Malden of its cursed past. She is to teach us the way of the New World. And she will not rest until the crimes of the past are erased completely.

Elder Atreus has called a council meeting to discuss the issue of the Old World Ghosts. They block our path to the Holy Chapel and disrupt our operations at Dunwich. If only the Angel could be send against them, but The Voice tells us that this is not the way of things. We must use the strength of our own arms in this battle. 

I do not fear the war to come, for it has all been done before."

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