Philp Coel's Journal is found on a non-feral hostile ghoul survivo deep within the Lexington

I figured I oughta this down, in case we don't make it throug.

a couple of months back, Lexington came to us talking about some big power shifts down in the central stations. Up here we never really had much use for all that gossip. We stick to ourselves. Anyways, we're talkin' war and mayhem 24/7. Lots of folk coming and going, lots of strangers moving north, lookin' for fresh pickings.

from what we can tell, one fella strolled into Lex with his crew and took out Congress. The place is his now, and he's press-ganged the whole station into scavenging scrap for his men.

They call him "Six Nails".

We raised as good a militia as we could to liberate them, but we haven't heard back. If Six Nails knows it was us who sent them, he'll be on us next. We can only wait.