Patient HR-D5 is an entry added to the terminal in Jack Cabot's office in Parsons State Asylum, under Patient Records.

Transcript Edit

"Name: Earnest Flemmel

Birthdate: September 30, 2016

Date of admittance: October 20, 2077

Length of treatment: TBD

Location: Isolation Ward, Room 05

Condition: SPECIAL

Assigned To: Superintendant Cabot


~Patient was committed under special research study with C.I.T faculty

~Patient obsessed with concept of immortality, religious iconography, animal remains (esp. bovine)

~Highly paranoid; believes his admittance here is part of grand conspiracy

~Patient to be kept in isolation indefinitely,except for in cases of visits from C.I.T students.

~Treatment: C.I.T led councelling sessions, experimental treatment"

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