There are several un-named notes found in FROST.

Locations Edit

On a Survivor along with Jerrod Gardiner's Journal in Hyde Park. Edit


I know this is stressful living, but it doesn't need to be. If you ever need something to help loosen up a bit, I've got a little stash Slick don't know about under the stairwell. Here's the key."

On the body of a Survivor in Breakheart Banks Edit

"Jesus, just look at 'em Harry! They're goddamn walking corpses! They kill everything they touch and don't leave shit to bury! I'd have thought you'd at least see eye to eye with me on that, after what they did you Walk and the Joneses back in Lexington! I'm telling you: even these "Talkers" of yours: they're just as violent as the Shamblers!"