The Metro Alliance is a group of organized survivors occupying some sections of the metro and are locked in a fierce conflict with the Federation for territory. They are territorial, and while they do not shoot most survivors on sight, they will open fire on any survivors that get too close for comfort or invade their territory.

Territory Edit

Known locations occupied by the Metro Alliance include the Medical Center Metro, Post Office Station, and Andrew Station.

The Exodus Edit

The brutality of the long and bloody war between the metro factions has tested the loyalty of every citizen living under the protection of the Federation and the Alliance. Many felt that the conflict between the factions was pointless and that they would only prosper if they worked together. Some grew unsatisfied with worsening living conditions as a result of resources being diverted to the war. Others were simply afraid that they would be sent to fight on the frontlines since the warring factions constantly needed more manpower. 

Either way, at some point a few years after the war began, massive amounts of citizens from both factions abandoned their factions in hopes of finding a better life out in the frozen wastes. These deserters can be found living all across the Commonwealth, known simply as survivors. Some have held on to relics of their past life, and as a result still wear the uniforms of the faction they once belonged to.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Survivors must be cautious when exploring Metro Alliance territory, as the Alliance is known to be extremely territorial towards wastelanders. Alliance soldiers typically provide a single warning to survivors that venture near them and open fire if the survivor refuses to comply. They use medium-grade ranged weapons and gear along with the occasional flamer.