Leader's Terminal Entries are entries on a terminal found in D.B Technical High School.

Transcript Edit

Generator Explosion Edit

"It's been three months since that rat Deluge ran off with the entire sophomore class. Since then, things have only gone from bad to worse. A fusion core blew in the generator room and messed Nance up pretty bad. When we went to check it out, the whole floor started to give way. If we lose the generators, we'll freeze to death in here."

Encounter Edit

"The floor in the generator room finally gave out. Turns out we're built right above a subway station. And it's occupied. I went to go talk with its inhabitants, but it didn't go well. Just a whole lot of shouting and gun-pointing. We've pulled back from the generator room for now. We'll give them time to calm down before we try again."

Nance is gone Edit


We'd been keeping Nance in the pool room since we didn't want to move her too much, on account of her injuries, but when I went to check on her this morning, she was gone. The Tunnel People must have taken her. I'm going down there and talking with their leader. We're getting to the bottom of this."

This Means War Edit

"This is Mikey Osborne. Will went down into the tunnel and never came back so I've been voted the new leader. I guess that means I have to use this ,,. terminal. Ugh, this is so awkwrrfd.?; I always preferred writing by hand.

Anyways, those tunnel fucks have taken two of our people, so we're gonnna go kick their collective ass."

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