Keys are weightless and valueless items that allow the player to open otherwise inaccessible doors or terminals (using passwords).

Name Found Opens Type
Gate Key On a table in one of the Subway Lines attached to the Access Tunnels found at the start of FROST. The red interior door found next to the key that leads to feral ghouls eating a corpse. Key
College Square Station Key On a table inside College Square Station. Several interior doors including a blue door leading to cash registers, protectrons, an open safe and the Live and Love magazine "Nuke the Man". Key
Chem Stash Key On a survivor in Hyde Park A Chem Cooler at the bottom one of the buildings in Hyde Park. (See Note) Key
Service Tunnel Key Behind a novice locked door in one of the Subway Lines. Other doors in the same Subway Line. Key
Key of Hunger In a safe in Medford Memorial Hospital. Malden Center Key
Key of Fear Toolbox in Malden Center Door directly next to it Key
Recon Bunker Access Code 429A Liberty VI Captain's Quarters on a US Army Remnant Terminal in Recon Bunker Theta Password
Backdoor Key Inside a desk inside the FMS Columbia Opens a door in the Subway Line in Kenmore Station, eventually leads to CIT Concourse. Key
Parsons Front Door Key On a desk in CIT Concourse. Parsons State Insane Asylum Key