Jerrod Gardiner's Journal is a note found on a Survivor along with Note in Hyde Park.

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"The guys up here always want to know what I did before. I tell 'em to shut the fuck up. Because none of that matters anymore. What I did 5 years ago and what I 5 years from now don't mean shit to what I'm doing right. this. moment. I'm out here fighting, just the same as them. I'm our here surviving.

Ya really want to know what I did? Hm? I was a partner in a Law Firm up Berkeley. Yeah. I spent my whole life in this shithole neightborhood and I told myself that if I got out of here I'd do some good. So I hit the books, got into Harvard Law. I graduated with honors, gave a big ol' "fuck you" to this town, and left it for Armaggedonn. That was my idea of giving back.

Maybe I do need to loosen up."

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