Frank's Journal is a note found on a Survivor in Beantown Brewery.

Transcript Edit

"Decided to start a journal. Thought it might take my mind off things... I was in Milton at the time. Just got on the train to Boston when the whole thing shut down. We all thought it was some mechanical failure. Took us three hours of sitting in that dead subway to even consider getting off the damn thing. And when we got to the surface... well that was a sight wasn't it? Most of the others went back down into the tunnels. To cry, maybe. Or perhaps just to escape the smell of 10 billion burning bodies. They were the smart ones. Me and some of my construction buddies decided to look for survivors. Going back to 114 wasn't worth it, considering the bombs had already dropped, right? Stupid. It's not the bombs that kill ya, it's the rain after. As they say, "It's all over but the crying." We met our first Wastelanders outside of Quincy. Funny how fragile order is. Take a man's freedom and he'll fight a war to regain it, but take his whole world, his whole life... To say all hell broke loose doesn't do it justice. One day before, a roving band of gunmen would have been national news, but now... all that's out the window. Only took the end of the world to show us. How do we justify our actions? Where do we draw the line? Does it matter that they drew first? We still killed them. Nick likes to say that it's "Us or them", but if that's true, why'd we hunt them down? Why'd we follow them back to their home and kill every last one?"