Putrid glowing one

Feral Ghouls are the result of the unlucky humans who have mutated beyond recognition and lost all ability to reason after absorbing an incredible amount of radiation. They are unfortunately extremely common within the Commonwealth and pose a grave threat to survivors that do not know how to deal with them.

Feral ghouls are extremely resilient to nearly all forms of damage but are fatally vulnerable to damage to the head. Any bullet from any gun is almost a guaranteed kill if aimed at the head, and melee weapons are extremely effective if a player finds themselves running low on ammo.

All feral ghouls are surrounded by radioactive auras similar to glowing ones, and glowing ones explode upon death, releasing all of the radiation they have accumulated in one violent and deadly blast.

In the underground metros, ghouls are significantly less perceptive and extremely easy to sneak by. On the surface when affected by the ambient radiation of the Commonwealth, ghouls are significantly more aggressive and dangerous, and present a much more real threat to wandering survivors.

Those wounded by a strike from a feral ghoul suffer injuries that are extremely difficult to sterilise and highly prone to infection, resulting in a high mortality rate.