Federal Surveillance Center K-21B Terminal Entries are entries on a terminal in Federal Surveillance Center K-21B, a bunker under the Abandoned Shack location.

Transcript Edit

Field Ops Log- Major Arthur Gannon Edit

"I'm making good progress in narrowing down the final resting place of the FMS Columbia. Intelligence Officer Buzensky tells me that the information I need is likely accessible at the Coast Guard HQ east of here. From there, we can continue on to the ship itself.

Recon Squad Delta Epsilon already dispatched with Firesquad Victor Zulu on standby for the final assault.

We're so close."

Repair Log- Chief Engineer Nicholas Gibbs Edit

"This place was a total mess when we first got here. Only one man actually survived down here after the bombs dropped. He was a total mess too; looked ready to put a bullet in his skull before we took his gun. But he's alright now and we're slowly putting things back in order and plugging in terminals and all that. It'll be a while before we can get this place back up and running and ever longer before we can update it with modern tech, but it'll be worth it. This is a great spot for radiation research."