FMS Columbia Log Terminal FF0067-A Entries are entries found on a terminal on Spectacle Island.

Transcript Edit

Entry 1 Edit

"We saw the clouds from a mile out. Captain wanted to turn the ship north, look for somewhere safe up the coast. We never had the chance. When the shockwave hit, it raised waves taller than any I'd ever seen. And when they came down... Lord, I thought that was the end.

Woke up on shore three days later. Troy, god bless him, pulled me and Ducal out when the Columbia went under. Dunno how in the hell he lived through that storm... I tried asking him about it but he wouldn't breathe a word. Can't blame him, really." 

Entry 2 Edit

"We're working on constructing some basic shelters around the island. The storm tore up the big house down by the docks pretty bad, but the shed's still intact. We've got a fish-drying shed set up mid-way down the island and Troy's even managed to salvage some antennae to make a mayday beacon of sorts. Problem is, the frequency's way too high. Besides, I dunno if anyone's even left out there to hear it." 

Entry 3 Edit

"Ducal disappeared in the night. He took our raft and most of the supplies. Asshole. Troy and I are gonna try and track him down, but that's not our top priority.

If you're reading this, and you're from Columbia, the job is still on. Meet at the Liberty. We're seeing this through to the end."