[...] 2077: November: The first communities of the Metro form as the fallout and dropping temperatures force survivors underground. [...]
—The Chronicle

Downtown is a location in Fallout: FROST.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Downtown, also known as Valenti Station, is a Metro Federation settlement occupied by friendly survivors, Federation soldiers, and traders.

This is one of the few settlements in the Commonwealth whose inhabitants do not either open fire on sight or try to otherwise aggressively drive off visitors.

Its citizens welcome outsiders, with even the guards mumbling the occasional friendly word.

Downtown provides for an excellent place for bartering, as there are quite a few vendors offering a variety of wares; Survivors are advised to observe business hours, though.

Alas, Downtown is difficult to gain entrance to, as its many entrances are protected by master level locked doors.

Those looking for work can agree to run odd jobs like bounty hunts available at Ciampa's (see below).

Survivors will find an armor workbench, as well as a chemistry and a cooking station, witht the cooking station located outside, close to the speaker's desk.

Adjacent Valenti Station can be accessed through Downtown, providing another route to the surface, with the Valenti Station service key needed for opening the respective door conveniently placed on a shelve in the security gard bunk room. Valenti Station also has a weapons workbench.

Notable inhabitants[edit | edit source]

  • Big Ozzy runs Handy Hardware, offering ammunition, weaponry and other gear. Depending on supply, Survivors may be able to obtain Hazmat suits (damaged only), Power Fists, and a good range of mostly ballistic weapons. And, of course, junk. Opens for business at 7am, closes at 8pm.
  • Ciampa's Bar, the only pub around, is managed by Ciampa, which offers a comparably well sorted collection of food and drink, with the occassional highlight like Dirty Wastelander thrown in. She'll barter starting at 7 in the morning, and will close shop at midnight. Situated to the right of the entrance, odd jobs like bounty hunts can be picked up. Ciampa's Bar also has a proper bed on its upper floor, which is free for Survivor to use. Stowing away gear for later retrieval doesn't seem advisable, through.
  • Survivors in need of more solvent buyers for larger exchanges may want to spend The Buyer a visit, who is a regular at Ciampa's, and will sell mostly junk including the occassional schematic. Will barter between 7am and 8pm.
  • The leader of the Metro Federation, William Marchand, can be found in his house, oddly also named "Handy Hardware". The house is visible through a master locked lattice gate, they key of which may occassionally be found on a Federation Soldier guarding the gate. Survivors are discouraged from trying to bypass the lattice gate by other means than opening it, since otherwise they are likely to share the rest of their natural life with Marchand.

Workbenches[edit | edit source]

  • An armor workbench can be found in a pit behind what is labeled as "The Wall"
  • Adjacent to the stairs leading up "The Wall" a chemistry station can be found in a hut carrying a Drugs sign.
  • A cooking station is located outside of Downtown next to a speaker's desk
  • Valenti Station, which is directly adjacent to Downtown and can be reached through a door in the pit behind "The Wall" has a weapon workbench in a room opposite to the security guard bunk room. Note, that this is located on the "Downtown side" of Valenti Station, and can not be reached from the surface, unless the Survivor is in posession or the Valenti Station service key located in the security guard bunk room

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As Downtown has no workshop, it can not be used as settlement
  • Vendors may display an empty barter inventory outside of their business hours, or when bartered with for the first time.

Gaining entrance[edit | edit source]

One of the Upper Blue Line gates

If the Survivor lacks the skill (or bobby pins) to unlock any of the doors, access may be gained through Upper Blue line gates using the Upper Blue Line Gate Key, which can be found exclusively on:

  • Federation soldiers in the Boston Public Library
  • Federation soldiers in Valenti Station (in the part of the station accessible from the surface)
  • Federation soldiers pitted against Alliance in a subway tunnel

A possible stragtegy to obtain the key without bloodshed is pushing one of the Federation soldiers in Valenti Station close to the door of the sales counter room, so that he is reachable from the outside for a pickpocket attempt, while the Survivor goes undeteced.

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