Captain O'Hansen's Terminal Entries are entries found on a Federal Ration Stockpile terminal.

Transcript Edit

Entry One Edit

"This is Captain O'Hansen of the Commonwealth Army. I've moved what's left of my force into the Federal Ration Stockpile but we're under heavy attack from rioting locals. We were unable to hold the church, but we've managed to lock the trapdoor.

It's only a matter of time before they attempt an assault on the main entrance. The doors should hold and with the food here we will able to outlast them."

Entry Two Edit

"This is Captain O'Hansen of the Commonwealth Army. It has been two weeks since my last entry. I sent a scout out through the church entrance to survey the situation. It appears that most of the rioters have succumbed to radiation poisoning. Those remaining have set up a makeshift camp around our front entrance. In their weakened state, it should be easy enough to stage a surprise attack on the group. Update pending."

Entry Three Edit

"This is Captain O'Hansen of the Commonwealth Army. The scout that was sent above has developed some unfortunate symptoms. It seems that the radiation levels above ground are much higher than we'd expected.

What baffles me now is how the rioters still survive. The scout was exposed for less than an hour - with a gas mask and Rad-X- and is now experiencing a rapid decline in health. Meanwhile, the camp ouside our walls only continues to grow. What is their secret?"