CIT Research Log: HR-D5 is a holotape found in Parsons State Asylum.

Transcript Edit

Log : HR-D5 (1-A) Edit

"Subject HR-D5, Test 1-A: Subject implanted with Class 6-C PRG implants AND genetically ehanced with Anolis Carolinensis and Hydra Linnaeus extracts.

Hypothesis: Subject will be further resistant to cellular deterioration as well as exposure to radioactive elements.

Results: Inconclusive. Subject to be transferred to Parsons State Insane Asylum for further testing. Facilities at Parsons to be better suited for containment."

Log : HR-D5 (1-B) Edit

"Results: Subject reacted poorly to prolonged radiation exposure. Signs of acute radiation poisoning. FEV to be included in gene tonic for future therapies.

Personal Note: Dr. Flemmel's delusions are becoming more and more elaborate.  It's heartbreaking to see a man of his stature brought down like this but I'm personally inspired by his devotion to sciences; donating his body to further our research even though his mind has long since gone."

Log : HR-D5 (3-I) Edit

"This is the most ill-managed research project I've ever been part of. The nurses only take orders from Cabot and my graduate students seem to only take orders from Lerna. They treat Flemmel, a colleague I held in the highest esteem, like a pin-cushion. I don't know half the treatments Cabot's men give him and I certainly don't know half the treatments Lerna gives him. I'm supposed to be in charge here! I'm supposed to know these things! I swear they're conspiring."

Log : HR-D5 (6-X) Edit

"The date is October 24th, 2077.

The entire staff has fled the premises. It's just me and the patients. 

I know I should leave, find shelter, but I can't do it. Something draws me down.

I need to let him go."

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