Log: HR-D4 (11-A) Edit

"Subject HR-D4, Test 11-A: Subject has been equipped with Class 6-C Photonic Resonance Generator sub-cranial implants.

Hypothesis: Resonance Generator will speed up cell recovery times and decrease decay (in the long term). While not expected to field as rapid recovery times as D3, PRG implants should result in significant improvements in comparison to non-implanted recovery times.

Results: Inconclusive. Some controversy over mental effects PRC implant has on Subject. Implants may leave subject more susceptible to auditory/visual  hallucinations, mania, and dissociative fugue events (amnesia). In order to appropriately study the effects of PRC implants, we'll need to transfer HR-D4 to our sister lab in Oslo for long-term research.

Lab Note: (UPDATE) Due to the tense international climate, Dr. Lerna believes it best for us to request that HR-D4 be returned immediately. Processing through customs will take far too long (and lead to far too many questions), so we'll be going with T.B. again for this job."