Bita Abaro's Journal is a note found on the body of a Survivor in College Square Station. A Journal Scrap can be found on the same body.

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"The snow's melting. Good news for once. But the nuclear spring brings new worries. We've been seeing things on the surface. Dead things. Double watches until we figure this out.

We captured one. I wasn't exaggerating; it looks dead. Skin's peeled off, shables around like a zombie from some horror flick. Nate took an arm off and it didn't even flinch. Anne wants to try communicating, but that thing's long gone.

The Shamblers came again. Too many to fight off; had to leave the station. Anne caught her foot in some rebar. Didn't let Nate see them take her. 

Nate blames himself for her death. But the past is the past. We cannot change what has happened, only stop it from happening again. We need to make our way to Patriot's Place. Warn them. "

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