While the Commonwealth has been almost completely overrun with feral ghouls and disturbed survivors, the US Army has managed to keep hold of a few strongholds. Over the past 5 years, the Army has learned not to trust the average wastelander, due to their tendency to be cannibalistic madmen. Army remnants are hostile to survivors and often shoot on sight.

Territory Edit

Known locations occupied by the military include Fenway Park, the National Guard Training Yard, Warwick Homestead, Bunker Hill, Diamond City, and Fort Strong.

Tactical Considerations Edit

The Army remnants still make use of their old military-issue equipment, and consequentially have a major technological edge over other factions. Their soldiers have access to combat armor, assault rifles and laser and plasma weapons. The Army still has access to a few functional suits of T-60 power armor, often fielded in tandem with heavy support weapons such as miniguns, flamethrowers or Gatling lasers. Most dangerously, the military has access to vertibirds which are extremely effective at gunning down any threat, and are highly resistant to all damage, usually requiring multiple direct hits from a rocket launcher to take down.