Alan Finch's Journal (3/3) is a note found in a cabinet Malden Center, after the elevator.

Transcript Edit

"July 21st 2080

It's over. He trapped the beast in the sinkhole just north of town. Up close, I see that Ithaqua is even more terrifying than I'd ever imagined. It wears a mask of white bone, behind which its bright eyes track me. They have an unnatural gleam to them, almost mocking in nature - as if they know something I do not. It's is unnerving, but it is done. We will never speak of this again. The station need not worry themselves with this creature.

July 28th, 2080

We were wrong. God help us and forgive us, we were wrong. He came to us. Ithaqua. He looked me dead in the eyes and I swear under that mask he smiled as he tore us apart. Tore the whole station apart. I cannot get out. The elevator is empty. I hear him coming. I cannot get out."

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