"Sometimes I remember... I remember a time before the Angel. I remember a man named Corwin and his brother Alan...

But that was the Old World, and the Old World is dead."

- Arteus Finch's Journal

Origins Edit

Alan Finch, now known as Arteus Finch, is the leader of the Maldenmen and is found inside Medford Memorial Hospital.

Before he was driven into murderous insanity, he and his brother Corwin Finch had been relentlessly stalked by a horrific creature known as Ithaqua. Believing he could trap the beast, he lured Ithaqua down Old Gullet Sinkhole into Maldenline. Shortly thereafter, Ithaqua escaped the sinkhole and followed Alan back to an occupied section of the metro, where Ithaqua gruesomely butchered all the residents of the subway as Alan watched helplessly. This may have sparked the start of Alan's insanity.

After this tragedy and encounters with the Voice at Parson's State Asylum, Alan Finch succumbed to his insanity, changed his name to Arteus Finch, and founded the faction called the Maldenmen. As the leader of the Maldenmen, Arteus Finch and his fellow Maldenmen worship the Voice and believe that Ithaqua is the "Angel of Malden", a divine being sent to protect Malden from the other metro factions.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Atreus is an extremely dangerous enemy, even for the most well equipped survivor. He wears a full suit of raider power armor, wields the unique Shiahkebab which can take down most survivors in one or two hits, and he is protected by his fellow Maldenmen and hunting mongrels. He can be a very difficult fight a lower levels, so taking him on early is not recommended. With a tactical use of a stealthboy, he can be taken down very easily.